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Do you need Personal Insurance?

Insurance coverage is usually sorted into two main categories – Personal Insurance, Fire and General Insurance. Personal Insurance gives you peace of mind around concerns such as:

  • If I get sick and can’t work, will I still be able to pay my bills?
  • Will my family be looked after if something happens to me?
  • Is there a way to fast-track any medical treatments I need, and can I afford private care?
  • Will we lose our house if something happens to me?

With Personal Insurance, you have certainty that you and your loved ones will be okay through difficult times.

There are many options to choose from, and your Coversure adviser can help you decide which coverage is best for you now and in the future. We work through all the fine print and specific details of the products available, so you don’t have to stress at claim time.

Life Insurance

A life insurance plan pays out a cash lump sum if the person insured dies during the term of the plan. It’s a simple and affordable way of ensuring that your loved ones are financially secure in the event of your death.

Coversure can help you determine which life insurance plan is best in order to provide your family with a financial safety net if they ever need it. Funds can be used to help pay the mortgage, bills and other living expenses without your income, help cover funeral costs, or they can be put aside to pay for future education fees.

Private Health Care

Medical insurance enables you to access private medical treatment whenever you need more urgent access or a broader range of treatment options than are available through the public health system. There are several options available, depending on which services you want covered, and the Coversure team can help you decide which treatment coverage is appropriate for you.

Trauma Cover

Trauma cover pays out a lump sum should you suffer one of the Covered Conditions, which are typically severe and potentially life-threatening. This coverage helps to ease the significant financial impact, and funds can be used in a number of ways. You can use the funds to reduce debt, purchase specialised equipment, pay for home modifications, provide additional care, create an investment fund to generate ongoing income, or restructure business ownership, for example.

Income Protection

This coverage provides a financial safety net if you are disabled due to sickness or injury and cannot earn your regular income. The monthly benefit is designed to replace a significant portion of lost income to help maintain your usual lifestyle during treatment and recovery.

Mortgage Cover

This coverage helps specifically with your mortgage repayment obligations should something happen to you. Loss of income doesn’t necessarily need to be a result of illness – you can also get coverage that protects you in the case of job redundancy.

Total and permanent disability

Total and permanent disability (TPD) cover provides a lump-sum payment should you completely lose your ability to ever work again (or carry on your routine tasks if you are not employed) as a result of illness or injury. It is designed to help ease the financial impact that losing an income permanently would cause.

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